That was still good enough for eighth in the WHL

Clare was a co founder of the Cape Breton Chorale back in 1973 and was its conductor until two years ago when Rosemary McGhee took over as interim conductor. Clare was on the team that selected the new conductor, Ryan Billington, who will assume the director’s role in the fall. Both Clare and Billington were on stage Sunday night at the “Cape Breton Chorale’s Salute To Canada” concert when Clare was honoured for her contributions over the years and Billington was introduced.

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Eleven months after his fianc died

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The Future of African Broadband will bring together thought leaders, policy makers and the private sector to address how significant economic and social challenges in Africa can be improved through connectivity. Executive led discussions will outline how broadband technologies will have a major impact on the continents growth. Business leaders will address key themes including connectivity as a driver for economic growth, sustainable digital education, connected rural communities and SME digital enablement.

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